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Adolescent Therapeutic Services

One-on-one sessions

As part of the Teen Therapy group, you’ll receive individual therapy sessions to allow you to process your past traumas and to help you move forward.

Group sessions

During your Belong™ experience, you’ll meet many amazing people, including your fellow group members that may have similar challenges.

Together, with the help of a therapist, you’ll be able to help and support each other, develop confidence and healthy connections.

Teen Therapy Services Provided

Individual Teen Therapy

It’s pretty self explanatory what individual therapy is but in case you don’t know, it’s you and the therapist sitting down once a week to process and go deeper into some of your more personal challenges you may be experiencing.  

Group Teen Therapy

The power of this support group is a community of support that exists amongst the staff and the members. 

You belong in a safe, supportive, and encouraging environment that will help you build confidence and healthy connections.

Family Therapy

Connecting with family is frequently a goal of those that attend Belong™. 

As part of your experience we try to engage all of the family members to process and heal together, if they’re willing?

Teen Treatment Specialties

Teen Confidence

Helping you gain confidence through healthy connection.

Teen Anxiety Disorders

Navigating anxiety in the teens can be challenging, that's why our staff is trained to help you no matter what experiences you may have had.

Teen Depression

Depression can be a daunting challenge, especially for teens who often face unique societal pressures and stigmas.







Teen Trauma Therapy

The trauma you have experienced in your life can shut you down, knock you out and drag you around like a rag doll or it can be the catalyst for positive change.
Together, not just you and a therapist but the entire group of Belong™ can help you connect and give you confidence to live your dreams.

common questions

There’s two parts to the therapy at Belong™ individual sessions and group sessions. 

Individual sessions will be scheduled outside of regular group sessions.

You’re required to attend all of your group sessions and individual sessions to maximize the impact of the Belong™ program.

Individual sessions are 50 min. to 90 minute sessions, it will depend upon your customized treatment plan.

Group sessions are 2-3 hours 4 times a week.

Yes, we accept most insurances. Click here to be taken to our Utah Family Therapy page which lists the insurance providers we accept.

However, if your insurance is not listed, we can help you out with funding as well as file a single case agreement for out-of-network coverage.


Individual Sessions – once a week.

Group Sessions – 4 times a week.

Family Sessions – if applicable, once a month or more if needed.

Parents Group – if applicable once a week.

We are legally bound to keep all things discussed in a therapeutic session confidential and the information you share in your individual sessions will never be disclosed.

We ask each group member to sign a confidentiality agreement when they join group. However, we cannot control each individual and cannot guarantee information will not be shared outside of group.

If we find a group member shared confidential information, they will be removed from the program. 

Belong™ staff and employees will NEVER share any confidential information.

Call 801.901.0279 to schedule an assessment to make sure we’re the right fit for you or click here to send us a message.

This is a 16-Week therapeutic healing program for teens. 

The average cost for the program is $10,000; however your healing approach is customized to your needs and it could be more or less than this.

Finding the right therapist may take some time and so if you’re not connecting with your individual therapist, we will find a different one, just let us know.

This is group therapy so it’s less about connecting with one therapist but more about joining in and being part of the Beyond™ family and all of its members.

This is the biggest award to be accepted in a supportive and caring environment.

This is not a one size fits all. Your situation is unique and therefore needs to be treated as such.

Remember, this is a 12-16 Week program so there are many sessions to attend, plus individual sessions.

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